Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Third day on the construction site

It seems like there's a lot of sleeplessness and health issues among the families of those who are here, so there's a lot of prayers directed towards those at home. One of the staff members is returning home today to attend a funeral. One of the team members has decided not to return home early, even though his uncle (who is more like a father to him) is in the hospital in the final stages of prostrate cancer. (It's not one of the people from Faith, but we really don't have such distinctions here. We're just one big team.) After that person gave us an update on what was going on at home and we prayer for him, just about everybody grabbed a phone and either called or texted home. (The internet access isn't good enough to try to Skype, even voice only).

We're wrestling with minor sleep issues of our own. The room on the second floor where we are housed is like a boiler room at night. It's most likely the humidity that's an issue, we sweat like pigs (not that pigs sweat) and don't cool off. They found a couple of two man tents and putt them on the roof, and a number of people slept up there last night. Apparently it was quite comfortable. Myself, I probably slept until about 1 or 2 and then dozed on and off until about 5.

Breakfast this morning is spaghetti, and banannas. I had a couple protein bars and a bananna. Not much of a fan of spaghetti for breakfast.

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