Monday, June 13, 2011

Start of school day

Watched the typical start of a school day. They kids got to play for a while in the school courtyard, which is mostly pebbles. No grass here, you slip and fall in this and you'll be hurting!

When the assembly was called to attention, they blocked off the entrance to the school. You aren't there on time, you don't participate in the ceremony. They sign, have a prayer, pledge allegance to their flag, etc. They they very orderly file into their classes for more singing.

The order was quite impressive. Even the very young preschoolers were dropped off at the start of the courtyard and found their way to their classes on their own.

Talking to one of the HOM staff, and they noted that this school is considered one of the best available. This week is finals for them. If they don't pass, they won't be back next year. There are no second chances. Too many other kids waiting for an opportunity to get in. Fortunately, the other schools in the area will quickly pick up any of the kids that fail here.

Off to the construction site.

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