Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Unified SCC

One of the issues with using some of the more popular source controls systems out there (e.g., Subversion, CVS) from PowerBuilder is that PowerBuilder uses MSSCCI (Microsoft Source Code Control Interface).  MSSCCI was originally developed as a common API for source code control systems, but later abandoned it as they moved to Team Foundation Server.  Older source control systems (e.g., Serena PVCS) support MSSCCI, but many of the newer ones do not.  Even if you want to use Microsoft's Team Foundation Server, you need to obtain a MSSCCI provider that translates the MSSCCI calls into something that TFS understands.

A similar option (a provider that translates MSSCCI calls into something else) is available for some of those other systems though.  Historically, PushOK has been a choice for people who wanted to use Subversion or CVS, as PushOK supplied a provider for each.  Recently I started researching this issue again because of a pending migration to Subversion, and I discovered Unified SCC, a single provider that not only supports Subversion and CVS but Bazaar as well.

Will update as work progresses, but so far it's looking good.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Adobe Max 2009 Pictures and Video

And least the stuff I'm taking



Adobe Max 2009 First Impressions

A couple of requests for next year, given that Max 2010 will be here in LA as well:

1.  Tell people where the LA Convention Center is, how to get there, where to find parking, etc.  Some of us live close enough to want to drive in, but not close enough to know the area well.

2.  If you're going to have this same kind of security for the general sessions, open the doors sooner so that folks can get in.  I don't know if it's why the first general session got such a late start, but there's no way it could have gone off on time with the amount of time it took all of us to get in.  And many of us were waiting outside for some time, time that could have been better used going through security earlier.

Off to #AbobeMax 2009