Saturday, June 11, 2011

First day on the construction site

Just back from the construction site. We had two teams, one doing backfill of rubble into low spots in the construction site so water won't collect. The other team (the one I was on) moved a pile of rocks from the center of the site over to a wall where it will eventually be used as foundation for an extension of the wall. Some of the smaller Haitian boys were helping with the wheelbarrow I was using to move the rocks. I would move it when it was full of rocks, and they would take it back when it was empty.

Some of the kids kept saying something to me that I couldn't understand. A while later I found out they were commenting about my being bald. Apparently that's rather rare here, and often associated with the rich. So I took off my hat and a few of the kids were rubbing the top of my head.

We're back at the compound now getting lunch, and then we're off to a tent city.

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