Tuesday, December 03, 2013

PowerBuilder User Group Germany

Robyn Chan - Senior Vice President - Head of Mobile Platform
Michael Redford - PMP Business Information Technology, Products and Innovation

PowerBuilder 15
  • 32 and 64 bit support
  • OData
  • SQL 2012
  • Oracle 12
  • Windows 8
  • .Net 4.5
  • Dockable Windows
Beta builds are ready now, but access to it is still being figured out.
  • PB 15+
    • Open APIs eg objects like ORCA, IDE infrastructure/painter, build process
    • Hana XSE support for PowerScript ( XSE is their JavaScript like app server language)
    • HANA Cloud (HEC, Neo AWS) and on premise options
  • Evaluating
    • RDL (River Definition Language) support for PowerScript (intermediate layer, platform agnostic)
    • WebApp Toolkit for multi-channel development (internal name - not announced yet, web based IDE, AppDesigner, AppBuilder, the latter was developed by the PowerBuilder team to create mobile apps, SAP UI5 -- HTML5)
    • Client SDKs for NVOs - Typical PB app is 30% business logic in the client.  The audience thought it was a lot higher.
PowerBuilder.Net versus PowerBuilder Client
  • Looking at trying to get into one IDE
Plan to support JavaScript in IDE
  • Yes, that was what support for XSE was intended to convey
EAServer - what happened to NetWeaver integration
  • Couldn't put on slide - Looking at migrating PASP to Netweaver - probably wouldn't focus on other app servers
What about support contracts
  • That's one of the big questions they're working on.   The other is that existing SAP customers have an S-user account.  They're trying to figure out how to automatically give people S-user accounts so they can access the beta without going through the S-user creation process.


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In my opinion, the product is not worth moving forward with without the WebApp Toolkit.



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