Thursday, July 26, 2007

TechWave 2007 Conference Guide available

In PDF format. Includes information about who is presenting each session, in case you were waiting for that before registering for sessions.

TechWave Special Event

The special event for Thursday evening has been announced: House of Blues. We'll enjoy a buffet dinner and some rocking and rolling good times.

TechWave GO! Mobile Device Trial

Sybase is excited to offer a limited number of Sybase TechWave 2007 attendees the opportunity to try out a new HTC mobile phone this week! The mobile phones are pre-loaded with Sybase software including Information Anywhere suite that allows you to send and receive email and instant messages and access detailed conference information on-the-go.

TechWave Mobile - Powered by Sybase 365

Get a "leg up" at TechWave by receiving the latest conference information directly to your device or smartphone. All you need is a Windows Mobile device, Palm, BlackBerry, or phone with a mobile internet browser. With TechWave Mobile, you can access detailed conference schedules and session descriptions, keynote information, exhibit hall hours, and much more!To get TechWave Mobile, simply browse to on your mobile phone or text the letters TW to SYBASE (792273). For assistance, visit the South Pacific Registration Desk.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Calling Dot Net Components from PowerBuilder via COM wrappers - Redux

Back in August of 2006, I wrote an entry about calling .Net components from PowerBuilder using COM wrappers (i.e., CCW). Since I was basing it on a registry entry approach still, the technique demonstrated there required the component to be added to the GAC, which required (in addition to having it compiled as a COM-visible assembly) that we needed to create a strong name and sign the assembly.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Problems using ActiveX controls…

If one of the ActiveX controls on your machine has registration problems, PowerBuilder can end up being unable to use any ActiveX controls.  This manifests itself in a couple of different ways when you go to the Insert->Control->OLE... menu option and then click on the Insert Control tab.

PowerBuilder 9.x:  You will get a system fault as follows:  Faulting application pb90.exe, version, faulting module msvcrt.dll, version 7.0.2600.2180, fault address 0x0000beab.

PowrBuilder 10.x:  PowerBuilder won't crash, and in fact the list of ActiveX controls will display.  When you drop one on the window, however, it won't behave properly.

Monday, July 09, 2007

PowerDesigner 12.5 Released

Sybase announced the availability of PowerDesigner 12.5, an all-in-one modeling and design solution for enterprises that need to build or re-engineer business applications quickly, cost-effectively and consistently. Supporting more than 60 databases and leading development environments including Sybase Workspace, Sybase PowerBuilder, Java, the Eclipse open source development environment, and Microsoft Visual Studio, Sybase PowerDesigner combines business process modeling with unified modeling language (UML) and data modeling to make possible open, cross-platform information architectures that securely deliver information anytime, anywhere.  This newest release of Sybase PowerDesigner uniquely adds the ability to include metadata from Extract Transform and Load (ETL) and data federation (EII) tools with database models ensuring more complete impact analysis of changes to the information architecture as well as better documentation support. Sybase PowerDesigner 12.5 also includes complete UML 2.0 support and makes migrating from Computer Associates (CA) ERwin data modeling solution even easier by supporting the latest releases of the CA product.

Executive Series Version 5.9 Accounting Software

Searer Business Technology announces the availability of version 5.9 of Executive Series and Director Series. Version 5.9 includes over 350 new features and enhancements across all modules as well as enhanced support for MS SQL 2005, Oracle 10, and Sybase ASE 15. Functional and operational enhancements include new and improved reports to simplify the reconciliation process. An enhanced reporting subsystem is also standard, providing easy report customizability, run-time modifications of report parameters and the ability to define drill down source document(s) from any report, including custom reports. System security has been fully extended within the reporting system to allow not only easy securing of collections of reports and individual reports, but portions of a report as well. New email functionality allows per user settings for either SMTP or MAPI email. Smart auto-fill of email addresses is also provided for easy transmission of orders, invoices, purchase orders, or any other document.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Friday, July 06, 2007

Sybase is looking for your opinions on PowerBuilder

Sue Dunnell, the PowerBuilder Product Manager, is asking PowerBuilder developers to answer a survey to "help[] us ensure that PowerBuilder continues to meet your needs in the future". You can take the survey at:

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Plastic SCM 1.5

Codice Software announced the official release of Plastic SCM 1.5, the new version of its award winning SCM product. The new Plastic SCM release is a step ahead in product’s evolution and introduces many important new features and enhancements.  In particular, the 1.5 release has been specifically tuned to include PowerBuilder as one of the supported platforms.

For more information, see