Tuesday, July 31, 2012

CAST Workbench Adds PowerBuilder Analyzer for First Integrated Client/Server Application Views

CAST announced that it has added 2 new functionalities to the latest version of its integrated suite of development tools, CAST Workbench. With its new PowerBuilder Analyzer feature, CAST Workbench offers easy-to-navigate views that seamlessly combine all Client/Server objects and their relationships for application-wide visibility and understanding. The CAST Reference Finder feature extends CAST Workbench's traditional search and change impact analysis functions to span both the client and server sides of the application, making it easy to work on the application in its entirety.

Beirut - Day 1

The tweet I sent from the airport last night to indicate we arrived apparently never got sent. In any event, we arrived safe and sound.

The folks from the New Life church met us at the airport with a bus and took us to the center. Accomidations are similar to Haiti, room each for men and women with bunk beds. One difference is that we actually have A/C in the room. We're also on regular mattresses rather than air bags. Shower and toilet facilities are also a bit nicer than Haiti. The center provided us with a dinner of salad, pizza and french fries.

We got to experience a bit of what the news has been talking about lately with regard to power problems. The center is hooked up to a neighboor backup generator and then has a backup generator of it's own, but we still experienced a number of power outages throughout the night.

This morning we're all doing our 20/20 and then meeting for breakfast. There will be an orientation after that, and then we'll do a walkthrough of the neighborhood.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

For HTML5, some good news, some bad news

The good news, looks like it's getting some corporate sponsorship:

HTML5 Standardization Gains Sponsorship

Not sure if this one is good or bad.  The snapshot version of the HTML5 standard now has four editors.  Guess it all depends on how well they work together.

W3C names not one, but four HTML5 editors

And for the bad news, some indication that HTML5 isn't working out just yet, and native apps are still the way to go, at least for mobile devices:

HTML5 is overhyped, no threat to native iOS and Android apps

iQU's Fraser MacInnes on why web-based mobile games are faltering


Friday, July 27, 2012

Registration is open for the PowerBuilder Developers Conference

The PowerBuilder Developer's Conference will be held at the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas concurrently with SAP TechEd from October 15-19, 2012. The week will be packed full of training, networking opportunities, and fun! And, like last year, your badge will get you access to the SAP TechEd keynote events, exhibit hall, and special event night. And, you will not only have access to SAP’s DemoJam and InnoJam events, but you can participate as well! Last year, Ronnie Po won 2nd place at DemoJam, a fantastic showing for our first SAP event ever! Who knows, maybe your application will be the next winner!

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how PowerBuilder developers from around the globe have extended applications to support .NET, incorporated Web Services, deployed their applications to the Cloud, created mobile solutions, and so much more. Get the first sneak peek at Appeon’s solution for developing PowerBuilder applications that deploy to iOS devices. And, hear what’s coming in PowerBuilder 15 and beyond directly from engineering and evangelism.

You can even get a jump start on the week by signing up for a brand new, 2-day, pre-conference hands-on workshop taught by PowerBuilder expert, TeamSybase member, and PowerBuilder MVP Yakov Werde. In this course, you’ll learn how to design and deploy a .NET 4.0 SOA Application with WCF and PowerBuilder 12.5 – using both Classic and .NET versions of PowerBuilder.

Register here.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Another article on the state of HTML5

The Pain of HTML5.   Great post on "places where HTML5 currently falls short that have hurt us in the last month."


Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Upcoming PowerBuilder.TV Episodes

Modernize the look of your PowerBuilder Applications - Christophe Dufourmantelle
July 17th 2012 at 11:00 AM EDT (New York) - 17h00 CEST (Paris)

Buenas practicas para el manejo de excepciones y errores en PowerBuilder (en español) - Oscar Tobar
Jueves 05 de julio a las 10:00 AM hora de la Cuidad de México - 17h00 Hora de Madrid

Vista previa de Appeon Mobile - La primera solución móvil para la comunidad PowerBuilder (en español) - Carmina Garcia
Martes 28 de agosto a las 10:00 AM hora de la Cuidad de México - 17h00 Hora de Madrid

HTML5 is not a panacea...

"[T]his does not mean the technology is ready for every implementation and, in particular, issues around security, synchronicity and the fact that it is an evolving standard can make it an unsuitable option for enterprises, said Akka."