Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fourth day on the construction site

Well, at least for some. Chad, Richard and I stayed behind and finished painting the church extension. When we were done with that, we started doing touch up throughout the complex.

When Pastor Kelly, Danny and Johnny finished up with the evangelism training we headed out to the construction site. Got there about 11. By about 11:20 I was exhausted and went to the tent they hold church services at to rest. Ended up falling asleep. Might be because I didn't get a whole lot of sleep last night. Too warm. I may have to resort to the rooftop option as well.

Came back to the compound for rice and beans, potatoes and carrots. Now gettting ready to head back to the tent city.

We've pretty much finished at the construction site for this trip. We (or I should say they) finished the backfilling and were working on leveling the area they'll pour the slab into. Tomorrow we'll head over to Citi Solei to do some clean up on that project site. Apparently the construction crews don't really clean up behind themselves, and we need the rubble for the Repatriat construction site. So we'll go over there and load up on the debris on a truck to take back.

The weather report keeps indicating that we'e supposed to have thunderstorms. Today is the first time I've seen anything come anywhere close to us. It's been hot, humid and sunny the whole time we've been here.

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