Thursday, June 16, 2011

Last full day on site...

Breakfast was pineapple, beans and corn and bread.

Power has been out all day at the compound. A lot of folks have cameras where the battery is gone. I'm doing fine there, but my laptop is dead, my ipad and phone are down to 50%. if we dont get power back tonight, i may lose them as well.

We're finally getting the rains that has been threatening us all week. Funny, we just finished all the work. We're just going to a restraunt up in the hills for our final dinner together in a bit.

It will take at least an hour to get to the restruant (in a tap-tap, oh joy. we all have towels for our butts!). It also takes them an hour from the time we order to deliver the food (they're on Haitian time). We do need to eat by 4 or 5 though in order to make sure we get back to the compound before dark. It's not safe outside the compound after night fall.

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