Friday, November 22, 2013

Haiti Missions Trip 2013

Friday, November 1st

Our flight doesn't leave until 9:30 PM or so, so we figure we'll leave at about 4:30 PM, giving us more than enough time to get to LAX by 6:30 PM, the 3 hour before flight time that American Airlines wants us there.  Of course, about 9AM we start hearing about the shooting at LAX.  For a while the airport is closed.  The airport opens a few hours later, but all of the roads leading into it are still closed.  People landing at LAX have to walk a couple of miles outside of the facility to get picked up, and people coming in have to walk in from several miles out.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Flight delays on return from Haiti

We were supposed to leave Port-au-Prince at 5:15PM on 11/9 and catch a 9:05 PM flight in Miami back to LAX getting in at just before midnight.

The plane that we were supposed to be taking out of Haiti arrived late, and we ended up missing our connection in Miami as we didn't arrive until 8:15.  That's touch down, it takes a while to the terminal and then get through customs.  I have Global Entry, so I largely skipped the customs part.  But the airline had switched the luggage tags on mine and Mark's luggage and I had everybody's luggage tags on me, so I ended up waiting for him and Luis anyway at baggage claim.