Monday, June 13, 2011

Second day on the construction site (cont.)

We didn't finish up backfilling all of the forms, so we'll finish that up tomorrow.

Returned to the compound for a lunch of rice, beans, vegitables and crab (same thing we had Saturday). Passed on the crab this time.

After lunch we went on a tour of the school at the compound. They take in 60 kids each year, all of which are sponsored. They start at 3 year olds and they continue through 6th grade. By the time they graduate 6th, they know two languages (French and Creole). They get referred to other schools for more advanced education, and by they time they graduate that they will have picked up Spanish and English as well.

The construction site we're working on is for a similar school. They've already recruited the 60 kids that will start in September. That's why they are particularly anxious to get the construction work done, so they have someplace for the kids to meet in when school starts.

After the tour we split into two groups. The one I worked on did some painting on a new extension of the church building within the compound. The other team went out into the neighborhood and interacted with the people there.

We got back together afterwards for dinner, which was beans and corn (yep, not rice), vegitables, crab and beef. I passed on the crab again.

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