A collection of PowerBuilder resources

  • All of my PowerBuilder samples, including the source code for the demos I've done at various conferences are available in the PowerBuilder Samples folder on my Google Drive: http://goo.gl/VXouQ
  • I've done a number of webinars for PowerBuilder.TV. The archives of the webinars related to PowerBuilder, including mine, are available at: http://goo.gl/IUHN1N
  • Also, don't forget the Appeon Community, where a bunch of us hang out to answer questions, write blogs and documents and share code samples: https://community.appeon.com/ 


Unknown said...

Hi Mr. Armstrong, was wondering if you had a different twitter handle now as I've found that @bruce_armstrong is disabled?

Bruce Armstrong said...

I've pretty much stopped using twitter and other social media.

Martin M. said...

Hello, are you the author of ProDiff?
I can't find the software website anymore.

Bruce Armstrong said...

Unfortunately, no. I was looking to download it again recently because I got a new laptop and discovered the same. The WayBack Machine (internet archive) shows that the site was up in June, but it's gone now. I've attempted to reach out to the author via email and LinkedIn, but no response yet.