Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Third day on the construction site (cont.)

We finished the backfilling today. Took right until noon, and then we returned to the compound for the regular meal of rice and beans (and crab).

Then we went on a walk through of the neighborhood surrounding the compound. When we got back, I was exhausted and slept until dinner. After dinner I slept again until time for our debrief.

Our debrief is where we get together as a group on the top floor of the building we're housed in (close to where the meals our served) and go over what happened that day as well as what we have planned for tomorrow. It's also where we share what is going on with ourselves and at home and pray for one another.

After our debrief the gift shop within the compound was opened up and we all took a look. I found some items more along the lines of what I wanted to pick up to take home, but not in the right sizes.

Tommorow Chad (a professional painter on the team) and I are staying behind in the compound and finishing up the painting of the church extension. Pastor Kelly will be staying here as well as he continues the evangelism training. If Chad and I are done by the time he is, we'll travel with him to the construction site.

Tomorrow afternoon we're making another trip to the tent city. Right now they have a water storage tank at the facility, but its been broken for months. So the residents have to take buckets and walk to a well 10 minutes away to get water, and then walk the full buckets back. In order to demonstrate the love of Christ in a practical way, we've obtained the parts to fix their water storage tank and have arranged for a water truck to come by and refill the tank after we're repaired it.

The water trucks are kind of interesting. They wander through the neighborhoods playing tunes, just like ice cream trucks at home.

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