Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

In September I'm heading to Germany to present to the German PowerBuilder user group. I'm also working on arrangements to go back over to Europe in November for other locations as well, including (hopefully), England and Switzerland. If you're interested in having me present at your user group as well, let me know.


moymoy said...

is it possible to call functions written in a dll from powerbuilder 11?

bruce.armstrong said...

Go ahead an post your question (if you haven't done so already) in the Sybase newsgroups. it's a more appropriate method of having the discussion.

Michael Mok said...


Would be you aheading over to Australia? We are trying to start a Sybase User group in Perth and would be great if you can pop over.


bruce.armstrong said...

I'd love to. I'll be in touch.