Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Wednesday - PB 11.5 Launch Party

Can't add much more than the Sybase folks did in their article on it. The photos of Jerry Siegal (middle left) and Millard Brown (bottom right) are classics. I wore my PowerSoft Conference 94 jacket and brought along my original TeamPowerSoft jacket (circa 1993), but it wasn't enough to win a prize. Don Clayton took first with his 92 conference shirt (which Alex Whitney had as well, but choose not to wear). Second place (if memory serves) went to somebody else wearing the 94 conference jacket, but who had also brought along a PowerSoft Code Partners bag. Third place (if memory serves) went to the person wearing a set of original PowerBuilder for the Mac CDs stabled to a Sybase baseball cap. I may have second and third place reversed.

The location was the House of Blues, which worked much better than the Rum Jungle (last year's location). Better lighting, easier access to food and more room. They extended the party an extra hour, and still had to kick a number of us out (including myself) at the end. They handed out some very nice jackets for the PB faithful.

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