Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Tuesday - Plenary Session

There were 5 (count them 5!) simultaneous plenary sessions this year. I went to the PowerBuilder one of course. There was some discussion and demonstration of features in PowerBuilder 11.5, the release date for which was just announced today. There was also quite a bit of discussion and demonstration of upcoming features of PowerBuilder 12.0, even though it is still very early in it's development cycle. The ISUG Technical Journal Award was handed out during between the discussion of 11.5 and 12.0.

PowerBuilder 11.5
PocketBuilder and the PowerBuilder Application Plug-In are now bundled with it
Support for PNG format images
Federal Desktop Core Configuration compliance
DBerror and SQLPreview events on transaction object
Remote deployment of .Net Web targets
SQL Server 2008 driver
Oracle 11g support
.Net Interoperability Language Enhancements
DataWindow Enhancements
Rich Text Column Edit Style
DirectX 3D Graphs

PowerBuilder 12.0
Language Enhancements
Support for WPF
Fully managed code
A new PowerBuilder IDE
Virtual PowerBuilder libraries
New PowerScript editor features
File New and Wizard enhancements
DataWindow enhancements
Syntax, export formats, etc
New architecture

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