Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Wednesday - Keynote

Not quite a keynote. Instead, there was:

Sybase Innovator Awards
A panel of the Sybase engineering VPs
A customer panel headed by a Forrester analyst
A talk by a futurist

The only problem is that there were too many talking heads. There wasn't the mass exodus we had last year, primarily because (a) we didn't run that late, (b) the Forrester analyst was more interesting as a moderator this year than as a keynote last year and (c) the futurist was more interesting than a panel.

I liked how the ISUG awards were moved to the plenary sessions rather than the keynote. I'd appreciate it if the Innovator awards might have such a move as well.

I also really think that these panel discussions should be pre-recorded and then interspersed with other video content to liven them up. Perhaps it's because I don't watch television, but I really can't handle listening to talking heads for any long period, particularly early in the morning.

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