Tuesday, August 05, 2008

PowerBuilder 11.5 release announced

Sybase announced the planned availability date of PowerBuilder 11.5. The latest release of PowerBuilder continues Sybase's commitment to simplify complex data access, manipulation and presentation through its patented DataWindow technology, especially for developers looking to deploy PowerBuilder applications to the .NET framework.

Key New Capabilities and Developer Benefits Include:

* PowerBuilder for .NET - continuous, timely updates in tandem with releases of Microsoft technologies for .NET, including support for Strong Named Assemblies, access to .NET static, primitive and enumerative classes, and support for IIS7.
* New DataWindow Innovations - developers can create even more visually appealing, data-driven applications with advanced 3D chart rendering, special gradient and transparency features, support for PNG files, and the addition of Rich Text Edit style for columns.
* New Native RDBMS Drivers - new native driver support for SQL Server 2008 and Oracle 11g facilitates utmost developer efficiency and productivity.
* Flexible Deployment Options - PowerBuilder 11.5 will include an Application Server Plug-in for third-party application server deployment directly from the PowerBuilder IDE. Now, PowerBuilder objects can be deployed to JEE application servers where they will act just like EJBs. Furthermore, PowerBuilder 11.5 will also include award winning PocketBuilder for agile Windows Mobile development and deployment.
* Simplified Security - will enable delivery of applications that meet today's protection, compliance, and integrity needs with support for the US Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC), a security standard where users are restricted to work only in a standard user context without elevated system administration privileges. In addition, PowerBuilder 11.5 comes with support for CAS (Code Access Security), which allows .NET applications to run in partially trusted zones.

Product Availability
PowerBuilder 11.5 is currently scheduled to be available on September 12 with new licenses starting at $2,995 and updates to PowerBuilder 11.0 starting at $1,495. It will also include free versions of the PowerBuilder Application Server Plug-in and PocketBuilder for Windows Mobile.

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