Thursday, August 07, 2008

Thursday - ISUG Enhancement Session

Changing it back to just before the special event seems to have worked. This was standing room only. There was the standard stuff about putting everything we mentioned into the enchancement system on the ISUG web site. The stuff that was raised during the session included:

  • Want the ability to create a DataWindow based on an XLM schema

  • Incorporate a data services layer in the DataWindow to allow for more data source types (Sybase indicated this was in the works for the WPF DataWindow)

  • Support for AutoScripting for COM (OLE Automation Object). That is, make PB early binding rather than late binding.

  • Produce a PB12 version of PFC

  • Make DataWindow painter available as an OEM add-in for PowerBuilder based applications (Sybase indicates that is already an option, and that you should email the product manager for more info)

  • Document and support the INDIRECT keyword

  • Stop throwing an error if a painter is open and you attempt to deploy an app

  • Some complaints about 11.2 being slow to open (Sybase indicated this was a bug and should be handled as such through normal support channels)

  • Some complaints that PB doesn't even open sometimes if Visual Source Safe is being used for version control (Sybase indicates this was a bug and should be handled through support. Others indicated that turning off AutoScripting seems to correct it.)

  • Complaints that DataWindow syntax was being modified during migration. They create different DataWindows for Oracle and MS SQL Server, and were finding after a migration that the underlying data types in the DataWindow for some columns had been changed.

  • Add an option in the Project Painter that would show the OrcaScript commands that could be used to replicate what the project does

  • Add support for selectively filtering drop down datawindows (It can be done in code, it should be a more native feature.)

  • Add some ability to report the version information for an application when deployed as a Smart Client application

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