Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Tuesday - Keynote

John Chen spoke first and gave some discussion of the overall position of Sybase. One item of particular interest (at least to me) is that TechWave is moving back to the east coast next year. Yeah! Raj Nathan spoke next and discussed the Sybase Unwired Platorm. Finally, Geoffory Moore spoke and then led an industry panel consisting of SAP, IBM and MicroStrategy. Geoffory Moore is, among other things, the author of "Crossing the Chasm". You may remember that I quoted from his extensively in my "Innovate or Die" postings a couple of years ago.

Having Geoffory Moore lead the industry panel did make it considerably more interesting, as very few people walked out. There was a mass migration during last year's customer panel. Still, I think this would be even more interesting if it was pre-recorded so that other video could be mixed into it. Otherwise, it's just talking heads, and any group that is just talking heads can get real old real quick.

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