Wednesday, August 11, 2010

#Techwave 2010 - Day 3: PowerBuilder Roadmap

The roadmap that Sue Dunnell displayed was basically the same ose they showed during the Developer Days tour. It was updated a bit, it showed a 12.1 maintenance release in September of 2010 that would provide:

3rd party plugin support
ASE 15.5 and SA 12.0 support
Win7 64 bit OS support
XAML editor enhancements
IDE enhancements
WPF DW Right to Left
OLE support in WPF

The reference to 64 bit Window 7 just means it will be a supported platform for development and deployment. The IDE will still be 32 bit, as will the generated applications.

The OLE support in WPF is migration only, you won't be able to add additional OLE references in the migrated application.

It also shows 12.5 release for July 2011 with the following:

Enhanced WCF
.Net 4.0
Based on VS 2010
PowerBuilder in the Cloud
REST based web services
Usability enhancements
Refactoring support (infrastructure)
Custom visual objects as assemblies
InfoMaker for WPF
Win32 DataWindow Enhancements

Finally, under a big notice that says "FEATURES UNDER CONSIDERATION - SUBJECT TO CHANGE" it talks about a 15 release 12-18 months after the 12.5 release with the following:

.Net Framework update
Mobile targets
Refactoring support
New DataWindow Data Sources


Jaakarhu said...

Framework 4.0 is, probably, the most urgent of them all. The reason is simple - the advanced WPF and Silverlight controls are only supported by 4.0 and cannot be used with 3.5. That means that they cannot be integrated into PB.NET applcation and PB assemblies cannot be integrated into the 4.0 apps.

And Silverlight is next on the importance list. If were making the decisions in Sybase, I would have moved the Cloud to v15 and put Silverlight in 12.5...

Just my 2 cents...

Byron Guaman said...

I agree with Jaakarhu, the most important thing is to bring our PB applications to the web and for that is required Framework 4.0 and silverlight

Paul Murray said...

Thanks, Bruce!!

Not sure if anything has changed here, but Sybase has it upside down.

Here is what we need first (in my humble opinion):

REST based web services
.Net Framework update
Mobile targets

'It's the web stupid!!'

My head is in a cloud.