Monday, August 09, 2010

#Techwave 2010 – Day 1: Opening Keynote

The keynote area was interesting, it was set up with tables like a lunch area. Much more comfortable. The keynote was actually an interview of John Chen by an analyst, which helped keep it more interesting than a long spiel from a set of PowerPoint slides.

They talked about some of the impact of the SAP acquisition, such as the result that SAP now has 9 different databases. Of most interest to my readers, they discussed the future of PowerBuilder and PowerDesigner (no specifics, just a reassurance that try were going to continue to support those products) and the possible merging of tech wave and sap's teched event - with Sybase products being handled through a separate "track" at TechEd. No definite decision has been made with regard to the user event, one issue being that TechEd is much more expensive than TechWave.

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