Wednesday, August 11, 2010

#Techwave 2010 - Day 3: Enhancement request session

This session was done a lot different than any previous enhancement session I've ever seen at TechWave. In prior years these tended to be run by ISUG, started out with a discussion of the ISUG enhancement request web site, and the a bunch of rather minor enhancement requests would be thrown out by the audience, to which ISUG would ask that the requested put it through the web site. The session really seemed redundant to the web site, and no serious discussion of the more higher level direction of the product was ever raised. Generally a number of people would complain about Sybase's lack of marketing.

This year the session was lead by Sue Dunnell, the PowerBuilder project manager for Syabse along with Dave Fish and John Strano. A lot of discussion revolved about Silverlight and otter possible options for deploying to non desktop clients (web, iPhone, android). Dave Fish mentioned that they were considering looking into an objective-C emitter to provide iPhone support.

Perhaps they should rename the session to "product futures". I really liked this higher level focus on the product direction rather than small minor improvements.

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