Monday, August 09, 2010

#Techwave 2010 - Day 1: Tools Plenary

Dave and John did pretty much the same presentation as they did for the roadshow, with the exception of an additional app, a demo app one of their clients created for the world cup.

Evan Rothfield then came up to discuss enhancements for PowerBuilder.Net in 12.1 and 12.5:

Third party WPF controls
OLE controls supported, with some limitations (migration only, no capability for adding once migrated)

VS 2010/.Net 4.0
New targets:
Wpf applications as several assemblies
Pb assembly
.Net assembly improvements, including visual compnents
WCF Service
REST client

John Strano then discussed Win 32 enhancements In PowerBuilder Classic for 12.1, 12.5 and 15:

Autowidth column
Database blob column
Paint expression - call to a global function that actually does the work (most likely a call to an external function that does the work at a GDI layer)

Prop and expressions for controlling page breaks
Save to excel and preserve format

Dave Fish then discussed the research being done for SilverLight and demoed a DataWindow running in SilverLight in Firefox and Windows Mobile 7. They are looking at including the technology in PowerBuilder 15.

12.1 will support 64 bit Windows 7, but is still only 32 bit

12.5 also includes
Multi-threading support
Infomaker wpf edition
Ability to see data in data window buffers in the debugger

Code refactoring

Mobile targets


Kris Moore said...

Without 64 bit "native" it is all useless to me. Sorry PB, Hardly new ya.

We run into so many issues with 64 bit operating systems it is no longer worth the time.

Wally Penn said...

15yrs PB experience here. We really need Firefox support. The PB development team really needs to make this a priority. I'm trying to hang on with PB, but if I don't get this soon, my users will require me to make a change. PLEASE hurry !!!