Thursday, July 06, 2006

Important ISUG News

From the ISUG President's newsletter. See in particular the highlighted section. There's really no excuse anymore for folks not to be participating in the ISUG enhancement process.

ISUG Announces New Membership Benefits Pricing and Renewal Promotion

Last month ISUG announced changes to our member benefits structure. We wanted to take this opportunity to give you a second look at the changes.

There are now three benefit packages available to our members:

  • Basic: Access to the members-only website, including full participation in the ISUG Enhancements process (i.e., with voting rights), and ability to see featured articles from the expanded Technical Journal. This is especially ideal for students and those on a limited budget.

  • Journal: Basic package, plus a subscription to the ISUG Technical Journal (print and online editions) -- perfect for anyone that doesn't require the free Sybase/iAnywhere software benefits. Also includes a 20% discount on a subscription to PBDJ.

  • Complete: Journal package, plus access to all the free NFR and developer-edition software benefits, and all the discounts.

Membership benefits package pricing is as follows:

  • Basic: $20.00 (USD)

  • Journal: $70.00 (USD)

  • Complete: $95.00 (USD)

In addition, the price for Corporate memberships has changed as follows:

  • Workplace Corporate (up to 6 members) -- $375

  • Enterprise Corporate (up to 12 members) -- $600

You can change your level of benefits when you renew your membership, but the change will not take effect until the expiration of your original membership. If you wish to upgrade your benefit level during your membership year, please contact Please note that no refunds or partial-refunds will be issued for your current year's level of benefits.

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