Thursday, June 22, 2006

Client Server Comeback?

Interesting post on the Client Server Renaissance (the author's term, not mine). Of course, that particular author doesn't believe PowerBuilder will be part of it. He does reference a Don Dodge column that notes the cyclical nature of the software industry. Not sure Client/Server as we used to know it is coming back, but richer clients that can work with a variety of data sources via standard protocols are gaining vogue.

What that eventually led me to was another Don Dodge post, where he comments on the "Kleiner Perkins 7 rules for software start-ups". While applicable to start ups, I think they are also applicable to mature tools that want to re-invigorate their presence in the market space. They are:

* Instant Value to customers - solve a problem or create value with the first use (Focus)
* Viral adoption - Pull, not push. No direct sales force required (Motivate)
* Minimum IT footprint, preferably none. Hosted SaaS is best.
* Simple, intuitive user experience - no training required. (KISS)
* Personalized user experience - customizable
* Easy configuration based on application or usage templates
* Context aware - adjust to location, groups, preferences, devices, etc.

I've noted where I believe some of those rules relate to one of the "Innovate or Die" posts I made earlier.

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