Tuesday, July 11, 2006

ISUG Techcast: JSF Web DataWindow

ISUG Techcast: JSF Web DataWindow -- Taking Java Server Faces to the Next Level

Join us on July 18, 2006 - 01:00 PM (EST) for the next ISUG Techcast.

Lets face it. Building high quality, Web application user interfaces is hard. Java Server Faces (JSF) Web technology seeks to simplify that. Sybase WorkSpaces JSF Web DataWindow and Web Application Development Module goes it one better.

The DataWindows 4GL WYSIWYG capability helps customize the look and feel of the Web page, and binds the presentation to business logic using drag and drop. With Sybase's patented DataWindow technology, the convenience of codeless data-driven application development is brought to Web applications via a JSF component. The DataWindow engine has the intelligence to automatically track the users modifications, then create SQL UPDATE, INSERT and DELETE statements from scratch freeing the developer to concentrate more on architecture and business logic.

Join John Strano, Technology Evangelist, Sybase, Inc., as he discusses the JSF Web DataWindows latest innovations in data presentation and data manipulation on the Web.

Join us to learn how:

Sybase WorkSpaces visual development environment gives the developer the flavor of a 4GL experience
WorkSpaces Web Application Development module provides life-cycle support including design, development, debug/test, and deployment of Web applications
The JSF component user interface framework eases the burden of writing and maintaining applications that run on an application server and renders their User Interfaces back to a target client
JSF Web DataWindow enables you to win the data manipulation, data presentation game hands down

Learn more about the ways in which Sybase WorkSpace and DataWindow technology can help you get the most out of your precious development hours.

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