Wednesday, July 12, 2006

TechWave 2006

The structure of the conference has changed significantly this year.

The 2 and 4 day AM education courses are gone, at least in that format. This year what were the 2 day classes are given in a single 5 hour session on either Monday or Tuesday afternoon. What were the 4 day AM courses are given in a single 10 hour session all day Tuesday.

What were originally just PM courses are now given as both AM and PM courses, given on Wednesday (all day) and Thursday morning (no PM sessions other than education courses on Monday or Tuesday).

The keynote sessions are longer. Or perhaps more accurately, they're as long as they've been in prior conferences, but the schedule has finally been adjusted to officially indicate their length. Keynotes are from 8AM to noon on Monday and Tuesday.

The Tech Support Solution Lab has been moved out of the Exhibit Hall and now has additional hours. In particular, it opens at 6AM and runs until the start of the keynotes or morning sessions (8AM). It also stays open until 9PM on Monday, 8PM on Tuesday, 6PM on Wednesday and 1PM on Thursday.

The ISUG Enhancement Session is now on Wednesday evening (just prior to the special event) rather than Thursday morning. They are also being run separately (there are no afternoon sessions scheduled at the same time).

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