Sunday, July 09, 2006

ISUG Journal

ISUG is in the process of producing an expanded Journal in order to cover more of the Sybase/iAnywhere product line. Articles are typically 4-6 pages in length (~2250-~3500 words + graphics) and are due during the month before the publishing quarter. (e.g., the deadline for the Q4 edition would be in September). Published authors are paid $250 for their work, and are eligible for the annual ISUG Journal Award competition.

ISUG also accepts smaller "Tips & Tricks"-type submissions. These are generally 2 pages in length (~1000 words + graphics) with the same due date as the regular articles. Due to the reduced size, the payment for these articles is $100.

If you are interested in finding out more, including the precise deadline dates for the issue of interest, please contact

[Of course, I'm also always looking for authors for the PowerBuilder Developer's Journal as well, so feel free to submit to both of us if the material is appropriate for both]

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