Sunday, August 14, 2005

Test your Sybase Knowledge Gameshow

Pompeian Ballroom in the Palace Tower around 3:30 on Sunday the 21st.

Four TeamSybase members (Millard Brown, Terry Voth, Mike Nicewarner and myself) will do battle against a team from Sybase employees. Each team will take turns answering multiple choice questions off a Jeopardy style game board. The questions will be about 50% Sybase engineering related and the rest from other walks of life. There will be two rounds with a tie-breaker question just in case.

The audience will have handhelds and play along. They will have a chance to win some cool prizes (30 GB iPods, PSP's and Optic Nerve Sunglasses are up for grabs) at the end of each round (so to the audience it is really two games).

Jonathan Baker (Sybase) is the emcee and "impartial" judge