Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Wednesday’s Special Event

I'm a video game junkie, so this year's special event was one of the better one I've been at in a while. (Of course, I haven't gone to many of them recently, so I'm speaking out of ignorance as well).

Sybase reserved the GameWorks on the strip for 3.5 hours. A wide variety of food was provided, and the games were set to run for free. People who climbed half way up the climbing wall were rewarded with flashing sunglasses, and those making it to the top won an additional prize. There were also several competitions (indy racing, basketball throws, pool) which had prizes as well.

Terry Voth making his ascent
TeamSybase member Terry Voth making an ascent on the climbing wall

Terry Voth farther along on his ascent
TeamSybase member Terry Voth farther along on his ascent

Mike Nicewarner
Normally mild-mannered TeamSybase member Mike Nicewarner now sporting a tattoo and blowing away bad guys

Alex Whitney
Former PFC project manager and now PocketPC application expert Alex Whitney doing his best to protect us from evil aliens

Engineering Team
Members of the Sybase Engineering team attempting to kill enemies in a video game. Let's hope they're better at killing bugs in code than they seem to be at this game...

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