Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Tuesday’s Keynote

Tuesday's keynote was incredible! As you're walking into the event center where keynotes are, you're met by "demonstrators" who are demanding that the secrets about "Area 15" be made know. They were handing out "National Enquirer" style newsletters that included articles about Raj Nathan being abducted by aliens, Tom Traubitz being mistakenly launched into outer space, and even an update on the whereabouts of Mitchell Kertzman. And then you found a green light stick on your seat in the center.

Later, MIB agents arrived in what appeared to be a Hummer and took position on the stage. Then the aliens beamed down Raj Nathan in their midst so he could deliver his keynote.

SmartPhone recording of Technote Opening

Raj Nathan discussed improvements in ASE 15.0. He talked first about the three major components in "data explosion":

  • Volume

  • Variety

  • Velocity

He then indicated that the way that Sybase is responding to that with ASE 15.0 is to:

  • Improve Performance

  • Reduce Operation Complexity and Risk

  • Contain Operation Costs

Specifically, ASE offers:

Operations Optimizations

  • Archiving

  • Auditing

  • Availability

Value Extraction

  • Replication

  • Information integration

  • Orchestration

  • Portal and Dashboard

  • Events/Alerts

  • Search

  • BAM

  • Semantic UI

  • ETL

  • Analytics Engine

  • App Mobilization

"Special agent" (and TeamSybase member) Rob Verschoor was then beamed onto the stage. Rob demonstrated new encryption technology, database performance improvements, and object level recovery.

"Special agent" Havier was also then beamed onto stage to demonstrate the new mapping editor that has been added to the replication server modeling component in PowerDesigner. He also demonstrated heterogeneous warm backup and the Workspace product (in which the PowerBuilder database painter makes an appearance).

Afterwards, ISUG President Cindy Bean presented the International Sybase User Group Innovation and Achievement Awards. The winners were TeamSybase member Kevin Sherlock and the very active newsgroup participant Chris Pollach.

Then iAnywhere President Terry Stepien presented the iAnywhere awards to Sheker Swamy, President and CEO of Afaria customer American Techonology Corporation and to Frank Imholz, Managing Director of Ultralite and Mobilink customer ELMO ICT Solutions.

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