Monday, November 17, 2008

Max Opening General Session

You definitely realize that you’re at an event for a company that is involved in presentation software. The video playing before the session begins is very flashy.

As for news, what was the Thermo project while in development has now been released as Flash Catalyst. A demo version of it and Flash Builder 4 (Gumbo) are being provided on a DVD to attendees. They also announced the release of Air 1.5. They demoed Flash Player 10 for SmartPhones which is in development. Demos were done on Symbian, Windows Mobile and Android devices. They indicated that they are working with Apple for the iPhone as well, but it’s not quite ready to show yet. They also demonstrated Flash Lite, the Air product for mobile devices.

“Enterprise applications is where innovation goes to die.” - a perception that they are trying to overcome

“Think mobile first.” – develop for mobile device screens so that they can scale up for larger resources, but will still work properly on mobile devices.

Videos will be available on, as well as keynotes on

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