Tuesday, November 18, 2008

General Session

Just before the general session on day two, we got to all play an interactive game on the main screen.

The general session on the second day took on a secret service lab theme:

General Session

General Session

New SFG format, a common file format between tools

New SFP format – generated by Catalyst and consumed by Flex Builder (or visa versa)

Alchemy – converts C/C++ code to ActionScript

DVDs were provided to attendees that contained preview versions of Catalyst and Flex Builder 4

Cold Fusion Bolt – plug in to eclipse like flex builder – has ORM generation capability

FB4 - Map UI to data services without coding. Mapping of update operations.

You can now right click on a control and select a generate event handler option

New network monitor

You can apply themes across a project

VS plugin for flex (3rd party)

Modified flash player that interacts with virtual users (e.g., Google)

Flash media server 3.5 – dynamic streaming between clients

Flash media live encoder (???)

Adobe User Groups

Groups.adobe.com – new website for finding/starting user groups

They announced that Max 2009 would be held in Los Angeles on October 4th through 7th.

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