Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Looking Ahead to the Next Version of Flex Builder

My final session, one focusing on new features in Gubmo (Flex Builder 4).

Theme support
project wide
you can create your own themes

Catalyst Flex through FXP files
Requires import/export
There is a merge feature with preview

Package Explorer

Autocreation of event handlers

AsDoc is now displayed in tooltips, etc.

Getter/setter function creator - includes preview

Move feature to move inline code into separate components

Template for when new classes are created

Conditional breakpoints

Watch points

Run to line

Unit testing

Improved compiler speed

Data Services
Creates blank extension layer so you don’t lose your changes if you regenerate the proxy classes
Enable paging
Requires a method that accepts a start item and number of items
Requires a method that returns total number of items

Network Monitor

Data Management
Map the following operations
Commit method batches up updates and sends them back to server
For create
Create a new instance of the base class
Populate any default values
Do an additem on the dataprovider

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