Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday Afternoon Sessions at #PBTechWave

Started with Jeff Gibson's session on enhancements in PowerBuilder Classic in 12.5. A packed house. Also he covered new features planned for PB 15

Grid and grid splitter controls
Controls in the toolbar
Dockable windows
Windows 8 support (including tablet UI support)
PDF generation without GhostScript

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The next session was my own on using .Net Assemblies from PowerBuilder Classic applications. Unfortunately, there was no hard line internet access available as promised, which kind of ruined it for 3 out of the 4 demos I was going to do (primarily because they all used SMTP email as the sample).

Next was another session by Jim O'Neil, this one on REST Web Services. Something else that was an issue during both of Jim's session (not related to Jim though) is that we were located next to a room in which Yakov Werde was lecturing. He gets quite animated, and he tends to bleed over into the neighboring rooms.

Hosted on Fotki

Got into ODATA, which is a way of trying to add some structure to the REST world. Keywords like TOP, FILTER, METADATA - bunch of odata services

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