Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday - General Session at #PBTechWave

First thing this morning is the SAP General Session. You really feel how swamped Sybase is here. (There are 6500+ attendees of which only about 600 are TechWave attendees.) Sybase TechWave is isolated to a few smaller meeting rooms on the lowest level of the conference center. The next 3 or 4 levels are larger conference rooms for the SAP sessions.

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The General Session was standing room only, and they had to open up 4 other large overflow session rooms so we can still and watch the session on large screes.

Also have some indication that SAP likes to keep things on schedule. They shut down the continental breakfast before the session began and the session began promptly at 8:00,

Hana database - Refresh of the SAP technology stack and a slow migration onto it.

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Vishal Sikka - Talked about how 'atoms are turning into bits'. Indicates that many customers are moving off of data warehouses into 'modern containers' (such as the Hana database).

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Gustof Colas - Hired a few months ago to head up the Hana project. Asked the audience how many people were considering migrating to Hana and about 5% raised their hands. Discussed a customer ( a Japanese electronics firm ) that used to require 3 days to run their loyalty program incentive payments. After converting to Hana it took 2 seconds to run.

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Ran a video of a Chinese water distribution company that moved to Hana because it was processing reports 200 to 300 times faster than Oracle.

Frans ? - talked about the performance measurements they are doing, scalability, handling unstructured data.

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project orange (bw on hana) - should launch within 60 days

app server within the database - pushing application logic down into the database to take advantage of parallelism. 'layer consolidation'

? ? - netweaver (app server) - beta starting on a cloud version -hosted by SAP

Business Objects 4.0 - integration of crystal reports -released sept 16th

Mentioned Sybase products, but confused PowerBuilder and PowerDesigner. specifically focused on mobility.

Sam ? doing some demos

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Martin ? from hilti in switzerland

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One annoying thing is that when the speaker referenced a slide on the screen the slide wasnt shown in the overflow areas.

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