Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Morning PowerBuilder Enhancement Session at #PBTechWave

Had a direction that involved deploying to Silverlight. That's changed, and we're moving to HTML5. We don't know when, if and how that Microsoft will implement an HTML5 editor, so moving forward on their own.

Hosted on Fotki

Question about what SRD format will be supported, because the Win32 and .Net SRD formats are actually different. Dave opened up an SRD from the WebIM demo and it looked like Win32 format.

Request for DataWindow painter control so end users can modify datawindows within the applications we write.

Request for CreateFromSyntax that would support creation of a complex (e.g. nested) DataWindow in one pass. No PBLs required at all.

Some option (perhaps as a command line option) to prevent PowerBuilder to suppress messageboxes so that applications written as a service wont hang. Also requested the option to create an application that didn't require a window to open at all, but the suggestion in turn was to write a .Net assembly and have that used in a service.

Want the ability to display an image from a URL in a Classic application.

Requested a class specifically on moving MDI applications to WPF. Dave suggested that Sybase will talk to Yakov about putting together a class like that.

Request to have DataWindow that supports OData. Dave indicated that was already being considered.

Suggestion of having DataWindow support Entity Framework

Request for an expander / accordian control. Dave mentioned that people who are anxious to get that could used the PowerToTheBuilder third party control.

Support for refactoring

Support for style sheets for datawindows to aid in making them similar.

Smoothing of line charts

Limit ancestry during debugging (don't step into PFC)

Some ability to toggle between MDI and MDIDock mode.

make it easier to talk to sap

See the original bugger in the .Net DataWindow Debugger (and add it to Win32 Classic). And make the window non-responsitive.

Add a visualizer for XAML fields so it's not an SLE.

Ability for the end user to reorder tabs on a tab control.

A close box on a tab.

Some ability to create a resultset object from a structure automatically.

Title band in the DataWindow.

Ability to insert page break into datawindow.


David Worboys said...


i appreciate this insight. You really need to get the change in direction away from silverlight to HTML5 out to the PB user community - this is BIG!

That opens the question: should we continue using PB.NET or switch back to PB Classic? Will PB15 transfer PB WPF applications or only PB Classic apps? Having just started moving an application to PB.NET WPF from PB Classic I am wondering if I should continue.

PB12.5 should not have an upgrade fee for those of us who have paid for PB12, given the .NET improvements flowing through.

What is the timeframe for PB15?

brucearmstrong said...

Whether you would move to PB.Net or not depends on the app. If its huge and you're in maintenance mode only and not looking to modernize it or add additional functionality, then stay in Classic. If you want to modernize the app, if you're still doing significant modss or its entirely new development, then you want to consider PB.Net.

More and more targets are being moved in the PB.Net IDE. Not sure if 15 is when there will be only one.

There are a number of significnt enhancements in PB 12.5. It is worthy of a major paid release, not a MR.

The release date and even the feature set for PB15 are still in flux. I would expect something towards the end of 2012.