Tuesday, June 10, 2008

PowerBuilder 11.5 beta is live!

New features include:

  • DataWindow enhancements

    • New 3D graph styles

    • Gradient/Translucency

    • Tooltips

    • RichText Column Edit Style

  • Native driver for Oracle 11g

  • Native driver for Microsoft SQL Server 2008

  • Language interoperability enhancements

  • Compatibility with .NET Code Access Security (CAS) model

  • Support for native IIS 7 on Windows Vista

  • Support for strong named assemblies

  • Support for PNG image file format

  • Transaction object enhancements

    • DBError event

    • SQLPreview event

  • Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC) Compliance

  • http://xrl.us/pb115beta


Matt Sparks said...

Can you please tell me when 11.5 is scheduled to be released. We are getting ready to deploy a release of our product on 11.2. We don't want to do that if 11.5 is to be released soon.

bruce.armstrong said...

The last official statement I heard on it was Q32008, which would mean sometime before the end of September. I'd imagine that they would like to have it out for TechWave (beginning of August). So I figure early August at the earliest up to late September at the latest.