Sunday, June 22, 2008

PBL Peeper 4.0.4

New version of PBL Peeper posted. In addition to fixes:

New Features

* Report DataWindow to Variables converts a data set definition to a series of PowerScript variable declarations. This will help create custom classes that can be used to retrieve or set entire rows of values in a single dot notation operation, improving performance and memory consumption.


* The Browser button from the DataWindow Find Results not only jumps to the script, but selects the text of the first match

* Click-sort functionality on grids now appends columns to the sort specification for Ctrl-click

* Print functionality added to Tools

* Synchronize DataWindow Data Sets enhanced
* Option to produce grid listing all changes
* Option to produce grid uniquely listing changes by column
* Handles arguments in SQL better

* Browse RMB: Copy Prototype on a DataWindow now copies the Retrieve() function prototype with the DataWindow's retrieval arguments

* Inheritance Report now lists the standard classes' hierarchy

* User interface switched to a Unicode font

* Compare:
* App compare has an improved memory footprint
* Compare has better performance when comparing matching objects
* Objects from PBNative source repositories have $$HEX... values converted to be compared with PBL-based objects
* When comparing folders to PBLs, a better job is done matching objects when duplicate objects exist in one or both apps

* Lists / Containers: Now reports comments, as does the microhelp on the Browse page when a PBL is selected

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