Saturday, June 28, 2008

The PowerBuilder Developer’s Guide to TechWave

I must say, I'm impressed by the amount of information that is coming out about TechWave before the event this year. One item in particular, the PowerBuilder Developer's Guide to TechWave. In prior years, it seems that the conference de-emphasized product specific programming. Not this year. The guide is excellent for those of us who have a single track mind when attending TechWave.

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Luca said...

I looked at the guide, what a lot of exciting news!

I've been developing with PB since version 4 and I still think it's the most powerful C/S development environment on the market.

The integration with .NET, which is getting deeper and deeper, is a good strategy, even if I see that my customers are getting tired of MS operating system and tools. I hope PB12 winforms apps will also run on Linux/Mono systems, this would be a great thing!

Have a good time at TechWave, I'm too far to get there but I'll watch the webinar & presentations that will be released :-)