Friday, June 02, 2006

PB 10.5 Launch Event

Sybase and ISUG did the LA PB 10.5 launch event yesterday.

PB 10.5 Launch Event

There was also an overview of PowerDesigner 12.0.

Participants asked about or commented on the following:

  • Whether the new Month Calendar control could be controlled via the keyboard alone.

  • Would like a Rich Edit edit style

  • Would like the DataWindow painter to be able to operate against a temp table

  • Whether the data for a DDDW is redownloaded for each page in a Web DataWindow

  • Would like to be able to specify a fixed width for a DDDW, rather than a % of the underlying column. Even better, have the DDDW size itself according to the width of the underlying datawindow

  • Would like to be able to specify a minimum height for a auto-height band (so that the band does not resize below that height, rather than collapsing fully)

  • Would like to have PB do bitmap masking (specifying a "transparency" color)

  • Whether PB was ever going to make instance variables of local structure types private or if it would stop spitting out that warning message on migration as it has for the last 3 major releases

Dave Fish also commented that:

  • Since Microsoft has re-introduced a native client for SQL Server, PB 11 may re-introduce a native driver for it

  • Sybase is looking at doing away with the PBL and perhaps even with the requirement to do migration

  • The PowerBuilder 10.5.1 Maintenance Release will add the "deploy to J2EE" option to work with the upcoming PowerBuilder Application Server Plugin

  • There will be two PowerBuilder 11 webcasts in June

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    Joanne Lastort said...

    One of the biggest users of PowerBuilder is the federal government. In general, they are not upgrading because even there, PowerBuilder is viewed as a "dead" product. However, the push is on to either convert or create applications that are accessible or "508" compliant. Everyone is scrambling to do it since not only do all existing applications have to be compliant, but any applications done by contractors for the government need to be compliant as well.

    I know that PowerBuilder has added some features to help developers create applications that are compliant, but Sybase needs to go much further, as well as emphasize these features to developers and how to best use them.

    In order to place themselves above the competition, Sybase needs to start touting PowerBuilder as "the" tool for converting and creating applications that are compliant! (Especially to the federal government!)