Tuesday, July 31, 2012

CAST Workbench Adds PowerBuilder Analyzer for First Integrated Client/Server Application Views

CAST announced that it has added 2 new functionalities to the latest version of its integrated suite of development tools, CAST Workbench. With its new PowerBuilder Analyzer feature, CAST Workbench offers easy-to-navigate views that seamlessly combine all Client/Server objects and their relationships for application-wide visibility and understanding. The CAST Reference Finder feature extends CAST Workbench's traditional search and change impact analysis functions to span both the client and server sides of the application, making it easy to work on the application in its entirety.

Complete Client/Server Viewing Capability

CAST PowerBuilder Analyzer includes powerful syntactic and semantic agents that perform an in-depth analysis of PowerBuilder's PowerScript. They identify and display all client objects and their interdependencies in unprecedented detail for increased application visibility. In combination with the CAST Application Viewer, PowerBuilder developers can now create customized models of the entire Client/Server application to see their work in the larger context of the application, both on the client and the server side, and better understand how their application works. What's more, developers can navigate the PowerBuilder object hierarchy with ease using CAST Workbench's exclusive Add Linked Objects feature.

Application-Wide Search and Analysis Capabilities

CAST Reference Finder offers great added value for PowerBuilder developers with its efficient search and analysis capabilities. It rapidly identifies all occurrences of a regular expression across several PowerBuilder source code files and across several databases. Project leaders can do a search and use the CAST Dictionary to add comments and specify modifications for developers. PowerBuilder developers can now benefit from CAST Reference Finders' extensive impact analysis, which covers the entire application or development server to clearly identify all explicit references in real-time. After the impact analysis, CAST Workbench automatically leads you to the impacted lines of code and lets you save analysis results for later use.

Intelligent Client Side Development & Maintenance

"With PowerBuilder Analyzer and Reference Finder, CAST Workbench has attained a new high in technological excellence. Finally we have a tool that helps us work in an informed manner and makes it easy to access the data we need across our application," said Mr. Thomas Brooks, IT Manager at a Fortune 500 corporation. "CAST has managed to bridge the client/server divide with a wealth of functionalities unlike anything else on the market."



Pedro Torres said...

Hi, Bruce ... ¿do you have technical especifications of "CAST Workbench"? i need this info to compare them with Visual Expert for PowerBuilder

brucearmstrong said...

Nothing recent. I did an eval of it back when I was a contractor working for Boeing over 9 years ago. Haven't really worked with it since.