Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Beirut - Day 1

The tweet I sent from the airport last night to indicate we arrived apparently never got sent. In any event, we arrived safe and sound.

The folks from the New Life church met us at the airport with a bus and took us to the center. Accomidations are similar to Haiti, room each for men and women with bunk beds. One difference is that we actually have A/C in the room. We're also on regular mattresses rather than air bags. Shower and toilet facilities are also a bit nicer than Haiti. The center provided us with a dinner of salad, pizza and french fries.

We got to experience a bit of what the news has been talking about lately with regard to power problems. The center is hooked up to a neighboor backup generator and then has a backup generator of it's own, but we still experienced a number of power outages throughout the night.

This morning we're all doing our 20/20 and then meeting for breakfast. There will be an orientation after that, and then we'll do a walkthrough of the neighborhood.

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