Thursday, December 08, 2011

Orange County Sybase User Group Meeting

Dave Fish started it off by discussing the new features of 12.5 and demoing a few of them.

Sue Dunell then talked about what was going with PowerBuilder, including a lot of the interest/involvement from SAP.

With regard to PB15, the tentative road map showed:

  • Web (partial)

  • Cloud

  • Refactoring support

  • Win32 UI enhancements

  • .Net Framework updates

  • 64 bit deploy - Classic

  • OData Support

With regard to a full fledged web solution, she referenced the work that Appeon is doing towards HTML5 and mobile client support.

Dave then demos some 'pre-alpha' work on PB 15. He did mention that there will be a 12.5.1 MR that involves 2 enhancements for the PB.Net version.

  • The ability to dynamically load assemblies

  • 64 bit compilation support

The PB15 features he supported were:

  • MDIDock - a bot of a minomer because its not MDI

  • Grid and GridSplitter control

  • Adding controls to toolbars

  • Sharing .Net DataSets with DataWindows

  • HTLM5 DataWindow - InfoMaker.Net. Reporting and simple data entry

Video (not particularly well done or high quality) is available on Vimeo.


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Calvin Allen said...

Any update on native PDF generation from the DW?