Friday, December 16, 2011

OpenPlug, we hardly knew you...

It's a tool I was looking at for a while that allowed you to develop in Flex and then cross compile for a number of mobile platforms, including iOS and Android.  The company that makes it just announced that they are suspending work on it and reassigning all their employees involved in project to other products.  The ability of Flex itself to compile for Air on those platforms (beginning with 4.5.1) probably didn't help the long term prospects for the product.  The timing though, coming almost exactly a month after Adobe's announcement that they were turning Flex over to open source. leads me to believe that it was that announcement that finally sealed the coffin on it.

Kind of the typical response to Adobe's announcement.  The LA Flex User Group decided to rename themselves the LA Enterprise Application Developer's group and are looking at a number of different products.  While the San Diego group took a similar, though not quite so dramatic, action as well.


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