Monday, February 15, 2010

Sybase Developer Days

April 19th - Milan, Italy
April 20th - Frankfurt, Germany
April 21st - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
April 22nd - London, UK
April 23rd - Madrid, Spain
April 27th - Stockholm, Sweden
April 28th - Paris, France

May 3rd - Boston, MA
May 4th - New York, NY
May 5th - Houston, TX
May 11th - Los Angeles, CA
May 12th - San Francisco, CA

Events in Asia, Australia and New Zealand will also be held. Dates and venues will be announced when finalized.


Calin said...

Hello Bruce,
very good news. Will it concern PowerBuilder 12? I can't find any info about this on

brucearmstrong said...

Forgot to include that in the original post. You will have your choice between 4 tracks:

Advantage Database Server 10
PowerBuilder 12
SQL Anywhere 12
Sybase Unwired Platform 1.5

Jay said...

Hi Bruce, We are using PB 11.1 In the process of upgrading TX Text Control from version 7.0 to 13 which is compatible with PB 11.1 I uninstalled our in house app that has all dll for Tx Textcontrol v7 to avoid conflict. Installed v13 of text control. Now I tried to insert the new TX Text Control in PB from Insert\Control\OLE menu option. In the Insert Object dialog box when I click on Insert Control tab, PB crashes. I do see similar problems reported but do not see any solution. Here are the CR numbers
481238 - PB 10.5.1
467250 PB 10.5.1
623266 PB 11.5

Can you please provide the solution
Thank you