Thursday, February 25, 2010


The version on Sybase's CodeXchange site has been out of date for some time, despite my having sent the administrator the update several times.  For the time being, I've got the most recent version located on some file sharing sites:

MediaFire (displays ads)

FileSavr (no ads, but I've experienced site availability issues)

I'm considering hosting it again as a collaborative effort, this time on CodePlex, since CodeXchange no longer offers that capability.


Bala said...

Can I send a FAX using PBNISMTP? I tried a fax number in the Recipient column but its failed. This was the code I downloaded from codeexchage.

brucearmstrong said...

If you use a email-to-fax service like eFax, vFax, etc. you could. Otherwise, there are other ways of sending a fax from PB. I posted a suggestion in response to your newsgroup post.

Bala said...

Thanks Bruce, I forgot which newsgroup I posted the question. Can you please let me know, so that I can check that.
Thanks again

brucearmstrong said...