Wednesday, August 08, 2007

TechWave 2007 - Wednesday

Data Management Keynote

First thing Wednesday (after the Continental Breakfast and morning Education Sessions anyway) was the Data Management Keynote. As with the Mobility Keynote Tuesday, there was a Customer Panel afterwards moderated by Irfan Khan and consisting of Chris Crosby (eSpeed), John Belz (Symantec) and Mark Carrington (LoanPerformance). Also similar to the Mobility Keynote on Tuesday, the bulk of the audience slipped out during the Customer Panel. Merv Adrian (Forrester Research) spoke next. By this time we were running up close to lunch, and most of the rest of the audience slipped out. For those that left early, there is a recorded webcast.

It was unfortunate that so many people left, because -- once again -- awards came next. First was the Special Agent 15 awards, won by Paul C. Jackson (Western and Southern Financial Group), Eduardo Serikava (Caixa) and Grigory Kagan (eSpeed). That was followed by the ISUG Journal awards, won by Paul Vero, Buck Woolley, Terry Voth and Breck Carter.

Exhibit Hall Lunch

Lunch was in the Exhibit Hall. However, there was supposed to be a press lunch with Raj Nathan which I was invited to this year because I insisted on being included in press events. So I tried to go to that instead, only to find that I had been given the wrong location. As a result, no lunch for me in either location.

Web Services as a DataWindow Data Source

Next stop was a packed out sesion of the Web Services as a DataWindow Data Source class. Once again, a new PB11 feature class that was filled to capacity: a great sign.

Using PowerBuilder to Develop Applications for Oracle

My own session was next, which is why I don't have any photos. It's a beefed up version of the session I did last year. This time I added, among other things, .net stored procedures, DBMS_PIPE and DBMS_ALERT.

This year I didn't include the sample code in the presentation slides. Instead, I obtained a batch of refurbished 128MB USB flash drives and copied my presentation and all the sample code to them. Then I gave them to the attendees at the beginning of the class. I thought more people would have brought laptops with them to the class (I always do), but only three people had them with them. They still got to take the flash drives home, but I thought more people would have been able to look at the source code directly on their own machines during the class.

I recently upgraded to PowerPoint 2007. The new version has some great new features, including SmartArt graphics and a new Presenter View. The downside is that my Ovation for PowerPoint doesn't work with the new version, although the Presenter View addresses a large part of the reason I was using Ovation. The end result is that I was looking at the Presenter View on my laptop while the slides were shown on the screen shown to the session attendees. I also had the various tools (PowerBuilder, PL/SQL Developer, Visual Studio, etc.) running on my laptop and would drag them over to the second monitor (the screen shown to the attendees) whenever I wanted to show them code or a running sample.

The only downside was that I set up in a typical face-the-audience-with-the-laptop-in-front-of-me position, which meant that I had to keep looking over my shoulder to see what was on the screen the audience was seeing when showing the code samples or demos. It was a bit ackward and slowed down the presentation. Note to self: next time sit in the front seats in the audience so I can look right to see the screen and look left at the audience.

Discussion with Dimitri Volkman

As I mentioned before, this year I asked to be included in the press events. The only event I was able to attend was a one-on-one session with Dimitri Volkman. I arrived late because it was scheduled to start about the time that my own session was supposed to end. In the time we had available we discussed:

  • The "unified development tool" mentioned during the Tuesday keynote

  • The new Sybase org chart now that Raj Nathan is CMO

I'll cover that discussion in a later blog entry.

Exhibit Hall Refreshments

Refreshments were provided in the Exhibit Hall.

PowerBuilder 11 Launch Event

Wednesday evening there was a PowerBuilder 11 launch event at the Rum Jungle. It was a bit dark and noisy (I could barely hear Sue Dunnell and Debra Harrington when they did the trivial contest), but otherwise a great time just chatting it up with other PowerBuilder fanatics. They handed out some real nice commemorative jackets as well.

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