Monday, August 06, 2007

TechWave 2007 - Monday


Monday is the day I actually registered. Looks like they saved a little money by reusing some of the materials from last year's TechWave, I seem to remember this one from last year. The bean bag chairs in the registration area (where I assume the wi-fi is available) were a nice touch. The Tech Support Lab is just off the registration area. That's one of the areas where TeamSybase is hanging out. This year they have a separate Alliance lounge for customers who have Alliance support plans. The Tech Support Lab is for the rest of us. Email kiosks are available as well, as in previous TechWaves. This year the publications distribution is done from the first station in the registration area, which is much more convenient than previous years. The entrance to the exhibit hall, which is between the registration area and the wi-fi area, which is next to the Tech Support Lounge. The email kiosks are directly across from the registration area.

I really like how all this was laid out. When we were at Caesar's the wi-fi lounge and tech support lab were basically hidden past the entrance to the exhibit hall. Here at Mandalay bay you walk into the South Pacific Ballroom and everything is immediately available. Email kiosks both to the right and left, wi-fi lounge to the right, registration to the left, tech support lounge to the far right and exhibit hall straight ahead.

Welcome Session
Real good food and lots of it, although they cleaned up a bit early. The DJ was a bit too loud for those of us trying to carry on conversations. Unlike previous TechWaves, no other particular action going on other than food, drinks and the DJ (no men on stilts, no gameshow). I didn't really miss them.

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